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Extra Info

To book we request a signed contract, $100 security deposit, and a picture of the set up area.   The $100 security deposit is not a down payment for your set, but it is returned after your event according to the contract.  We set up before your event and pick up at the scheduled end time or as late as 8pm (if that time slot is available). Payment for your set up is due before we begin setting up.  Only cash or Zelle are accepted as payment the day of set up.  We do allow payments to be made before your set up day to bring down or eliminate a balance the day of set up. Please see our FAQs for more info!

  • Requesting a quote
    To request a quote, please use the contact us tab. Please include what style (Standard, Luxury, or Premier), size, color scheme, and any add-ons you would like. Please then list the following. Full Name Party Date Party Address Phone Number Email Address
  • Costs and Fees
    The only additional fee that may apply is delivery. We charge a fee of $2/mile from our home to the party address. We ask for a party address so as to give you an exact quote. You can estimate delivery by using our zip code: 91706. Other than that, our website lists the price of each item. Add up all the items you'd like and that is the price you should expect.
  • Park set ups
    Yes, we do offer services at parks. Someone must be onsite with the equipment AT ALL TIMES. It is the customer's responsibility to find out if the park allows soft play and what info they need from us regarding insurance and licensing. We are fully insured and can show proof upon request. We also often add parks or cities as "additional insured" We DO NOT offer generators. If your park does not have outlets, and you plan to request a jumper, please be prepared to provide a generator. The 2000 Watt inverters are fine. We DO NOT pick up park set ups after dark. The latest we will schedule a park pick up is one hour before dusk.
  • Soft Play No Nos
    We ask that each guest be mindful of our equipment and abide by our rules and requests. We do not allow the following in/on any of our equipment: Food/Drinks Shoes Sharp/Loose Objects Slime/Paint/Glitter/Confetti Dirt Play Fighting/Summersaults Pets/Animals ***Face Paint is very damaging to our Equipment. Unfortunately we cannot provide service to events that will have face painting****
  • How to Prepare for Your Party
    It is best to measure your space before booking to see how large of a set you can accommodate. Please take into consideration, bounce houses add at least another 10 feet to any set. Please make sure that the area that the soft play will be set up on is flat, free of debris, and dry. Please have pets put away. We will be going in and out of gates and don't want them to get lost! If indoors, please ensure any furniture is moved before we arrive. If your set up is outside, please have your canopy up before we arrive (unless you are renting one from us). Ensure any automatic sprinklers are turned off for the day of your event. If washing/rinsing down cement, please make sure it is dry before we arrive.
  • Pops of Color Options
    We offer a variety of colors to add to your Luxury Sets. Below is a list of the colors we offer. Feel free to ask for a picture of any color. Ball Colors: White Black Clear Nude/Tan Gunmetal Silver Red - primary Blue - primary, pastel, sky, navy Yellow - primary, pastel, mustard, sorbet Orange - primary, sorbet Green - pastel, primary, sage, neon Purple - pastel, primary, sorbet Pink - pastel, hot pink. dusty, mauve Blocks and Rockers White Tan/Nude Black Red Pink Hot Pink Primary Blue Teal Yellow Orange (blocks only at this time) Purple (blocks only at this time) Green (blocks only at this time) Floor Mats White Tan/Nude Black Grey Powder Blue Primary Blue Powder Pink Bright Pink Purple Red Yellow Green (Neon) Orange Grass Look Wood Look Ocean/Wave look
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