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Premier Sets

Our Premier sets are designed to accommodate as many of your young guests as possible.  Because the main equipment is wooden framed, we allow children up to 8 years old to play.  These items are about twice the size of our luxury items.  Pictures below are shown with equipment in one color, but each set is available in white, tan, black, or pink. Bounce houses are available for an extra cost. 

Take $100 Off any 10x13 or larger set June-September 2024

10'x13' Premier Set - $525

With the barrel climber being double the size of the luxury barrel climber, this play area is great for kids up to 8 years old.  4'x6' ball pit included

13'x13' Premier Set - $600

This set comes with one climber of your choice and includes a 4'x6' ball pit.

*The spiral slide is only available in white*

Bounce House available for an additional fee.

21'x21' Premier Set - $850

The ultimate play zone!  This set will allow for lots of kids and lots of fun!  4'x6' ball pit included

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